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EDvantaGE: Personality Development


The World Economic Forum report released on 23rd March 2010 said that the workforces of India and Brazil will grow by more than 200 million people over the next two decades.

By 2030, the developed world will need millions of new employees to sustain economic growth.

In spite of the huge growth in demand for talent and growth in the availability of workforce there has been a gap between the employability of the available workforce and the skills needed in the available talent to effectively fill in the vacancies across organization.

While we have a large number of colleges that impart technical skills, equip students with and competencies required for these jobs, yet there is a visible gap in the softer skills required to enhance the overall personality of individuals.

Edvantage is a personality development program of Vistaar. This value vertical of Vistaar focuses on providing Edge to professionals by equipping them with the essential soft skills to become more effective at workplaces. We have devised a comprehensive and systematic filtering process to determine current functional and behavioral competencies for companies to arrive at best fits for their resource needs.

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