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About Us

Vistaar is a distinctly conceived and articulately networked knowledge based Management Consultancy Organization, It has been Founded by professionals in HR, Technology, Customer Care, Sales & Marketing which gives it an ability to deeply understand and appreciate the growth needs of Individuals and organizations through a holistic approach and provide customized solutions. Since its inception in 2004, Vistaar team having a combined industry experience of more than 90 years has positively impacted more than 15000 professionals across industries. Today it develops, designs, and delivers customized management systems and solutions that are cost effective, sustainable and address the entire gamut of people and business concerns. Our solutions facilitate organizations to enhance employee productivity, increase profitability and attain organizational goals in the face of challenges posed by a liberalized and highly competitive market.

Our Mission

To work with large, medium, and small-scale organizations, provide them innovative, complete and self-contained business systems / programs which are a bold departure from linear paradigms and directly integrate with business and social concerns of the client organization.

Our Vision

To connect concepts, people, community, environment, and develop competent and networked managerial leadership that is self-driven, is capable of responding positively to modern day challenges, works as a team, and is geared to use the right skills at the right time.

Our Belief

Vistaar believes that everyone has potential, but only a few individuals know how best to sensitise and use their latent capabilities.Organisations thrive when their members operate at maximum potential Vistaar enables individuals and organisations to understand their potential better, and help make the maximum productive use of this potential.